Businesses Today Demand the Highest Quality Data - and increasingly understand it begins and ends with the evaluator in the field. Separate yourself - and your evaluators - from the pack with Prism's newest innovation: Age & Identity Verification!

The Industry's Perfect Storm: With scams and fraud attempts becoming so common, with evaluators persistently trying to game systems to get around critical requirements and restrictions - and with businesses now so completely reliant upon accurate data - clients are increasingly demanding that all field evaluators be Age & Identity Verified prior to accepting their important assignments.

Prism's innovative new Age & Identity Verification service allows you to stand apart from (and ahead of) your competitors - with the ability to deliver known evaluators, whose identities and profile information have passed a sophisticated, multi-point verification check against public record data - so you can, with confidence, ensure your clients are getting the best.

It begins with an automated check: evaluators who opt to become verified pay a nominal fee and their profile information is submitted for review. A strict series of checks is then performed (including, but not limited to: age/date of birth, full name, current address, known phone numbers, and more) and if all the profile data passes all the checks, the evaluator is automatically verified, receives an Age & Identity Verified Badge on their profile and you now know they are who they claim to be.

If the submitted data fails to authenticate against public record data, the evaluator will not be verified. And, if there is a partial match, several things occur: Challenge Questions are presented, such as previous addresses, vehicles owned, etc. and the application is subjected to additional human review as well. By the time a profile achieves a “Verified” status, you can be confident the evaluator information matched thoroughly.

If you are wondering whether Verified Evaluators are a good fit for you and your clients, consider: Do you run Alcohol and/or Tobacco ID projects, where the shoppers need to be within a certain age range? Are any of your clients casinos, lotteries, bars, breweries, banks, brokerage houses or other financial institutions? Do you have shops that require retirees to complete? Do you have clients in the medical/dental space? Luxury automobile projects? Shops that offer generous fee and reimbursement packages, like hotels, spas, cruises, amusement parks? Do you have any shops where the integrity of the data is critical to your client?

Stand apart from (and high above) your competitors. Offer your clients the confidence, security and unique advantages of Age & Identity Verified Evaluators today.