This one is HUGE!

PRISM Intelligence is thrilled to announce that our cutting-edge suite of online Brand Experience Management tools is live and available for immediate use!

This industry-leading platform allows businesses to monitor and manage their entire online brand presence. From Social Media Mentions and Online Ratings & Reviews, to Local Listing Management, SEO Rankings and more. There is even an adaptive Artificial Intelligence (called the Sentiment Analysis Engine) that scans billions of mentions online looking for customers' thoughts about the brand - and it actively identifies what specific topics are being mentioned and how people feel about them.


But wait, there's more! An additional tool called the Review Booster is designed to increase your customers' online ratings by directing happy customers to important review sites (like Google, Facebook and Yelp), while directing unhappy customers away from them - allowing them to give negative feedback straight to the business instead of to the entire internet for all to see.


Targeted and deployed on-site inspections (like Mystery Shops and Retail Audits) are critical to bring specific feedback to your clients from the field. But there is an entire universe of Brand Reputation/Brand Experience information out there - visible to the entire world - and it is where 90% of all customers go to learn about local businesses.


Now, PRISM brings you all the tools necessary to provide you and your customers the ability to control this critical aspect of brand reputation. You can provide the services to your clients - as a massive value-add that brings you more revenue and deepens relationships. Or, you can give them the tools needed to manage things in-house. With the same benefits to both you and your client base.

One thing we know for certain, if you are not bringing these services to your clients, someone else will be (and in our experience, probably already else is).


If you are interested in learning more about this incredible evolution in the Brand Experience Measurement industry, please let us know. We will gladly schedule a demo of the PRISM Reputation Management System for you and your team ASAP!